Thursday, April 24, 2008

After Birth

The reality of the post-birth actual baby is starting to set in. Last week was our postpartum session in our birthing classes at Gracewinds. It was a little surprising to learn how much goes on the woman's body after the birth. I don't know, I guess I just kind of figured it would all snap back in place. It only makes sense though that the process isn't instantaneous. After all, it takes 10 months for the woman's body to make the baby. It is bound to take a while for it all settle back in to place down south there.

But rather than dwell on the uncomfortable uterine contractions and weeks of bleeding, I am trying to help Preggers focus on the actual baby part. In that vein I have attempted to answer definitively the biggest question of the week. "What the baby will look like?" Not what will the baby look like when it is first born. We know it will come out looking like a mucus covered, cone headed, angry old man. I am trying to get a grip on what our kid will look like a little later. Working with a couple of photos of Preggers and I as kids, I think I have come up with a decent representation. I used essentially the same methodology as the great modern geneticist, Conan O'Brien. Granted, it is a little fuzzy in places and sort of gender-neutral since we won't know the sex until the baby gets here, but I think this turned out well.

So, what happens if we mix this girl -

With this boy -

Here is a pretty much 50/50 split of both Preggers and I at around 6-7 years old. It skews a little more toward my hair and there is a weird thing going on with the left ear (that big old right ear is all mine) but I think it is a pretty decent start. Pretty cute too in my opinion.
To get the full effect though you really need to see the morph. Like Michael Jackson's Black or White video. Crazy but fun. You can even pause the video as it moves to see what would happen with more or less of one person's characteristics


sloane's mama said...

ok, dude, this is FREAKIN FANTASTIC!!! How did you do this?!?!

Your whole blog is fab. I am definitely bookmarking it right now!


woot woot vivat!

First Time Dad said...

Thanks Sloane's Mom! I used a shareware program called Norrkross MorphX. Thanks for the wager too!