Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boob sucka!

According to a new report from the CDC, boob sucking is getting to be very popular among the infant set these days. "The percentage of infants who were ever breastfed increased from 60% among infants who were born in 1993-1994 to 77% among infants who were born in 2005-2006." Preggers plans on breast feeding which should come as no surprise since in addition to the above statistic, "(b)reastfeeding rates among mothers 30 years and older were significantly higher than those of younger mothers." Breastfeeding seems like a no-brainer to me. That said, I'm pretty sure that I was formula fed and I turned out decent.

But what about the "man boob"?

Men have nipples. Why can't we breastfeed too? I guess, technically, we can. Men have mammary glands just like women, so we too are able to produce breast milk. But, at least according to Scientific American, "unless you are an Indonesian fruit bat, though, it probably won't happen naturally." Men have been know to lactate with hormone therapy or as a response to massive stress and/or starvation. Then there is this guy, a 38-year-old man in Sri Lanka who nursed his daughter after his wife died during childbirth and she faced starvation after rejecting formula. Wow, way to step up Dude! I was raised by a single dad but I am pretty sure he never went that far (thank god).

This little video from Australia absolutely killed me!

Okay, so maybe I won't go that far. But I'm looking forward to giving the occasional bottle. Preggers is planning on doing a little pumping to help her get back to work, take off a little pressure and/or increase the milk supply by creating a bigger demand, and to do a little storage for the lean times. I think a bottle will be fine for me. My nipples are for recreational purposes only. Besides, have you seen how hairy my chest is?

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