Wednesday, May 7, 2008

An Escape

Sorry, eager readers, that I haven't gotten around to posting anything for a while. Preggers and I took last weekend and ran away together to spend a quiet weekend alone, just the two of us, without any of the distractions of home. We found a cozy little cabin out on Whidbey Island where we could snuggle by the fire, soak in a giant tub, and listen to the gentle sounds of the country.
We cooked a little, we read a lot, Preggers worked on the baby blanket, we snuggled and napped.
It was wonderful! There was a little baby bunny rabbit that sat alone in the little patch of grass outside our window (in the picture bellow) and nibbled and munched on tender spring shoots. He became my little bunny buddy and I really enjoyed watching him. There were humming birds that buzzed through the trees and frogs that would chorus around the pond. And best of all the view of the sound from every room. This is the view out the bedroom and livingroom window. Heaven.

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