Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pregnancy Perks

This last week we learned of all the perks associated with having a nine months pregnant lady around with you. Last Tuesday was my birthday so on Thursday night Preggers, Food and Blode and I went out to see a little music. The Bad Plus to be exact. Preggers had called the venue and told them that she was highly pregnant and they assured her that they would have a chair available for her. Well we got there and for a moment it looked pretty grim. We asked the guy at the door and he said he didn't know anything about that. We asked the girl behind the bar and she just looked up and said "there are plenty of chairs out there". Yeah, that may be true but by this point we were half way through the opening act and they were all filled with asses. Finally the guy from the door came back and told us to follow him. He grabbed a folding chair and lead us around, backstage to the far corner of the stage right at the feet of the drummer. The best seat in the house in my opinion! So cool!
Again, stole this from Flickr. Meet David King, drummer extraordinaire for The Bad Plus. (Yes, he is in fact playing his drums with a talking ET doll.) We were about this close.

Here is a sample of their music. The Bad Plus are known for their kooky covers.

But wait, that's not all! On Saturday, we went to see Cirque du Soleil's Cortico. Of course it was an amazing show. Preggers totally geeked out on the physical abilities of the performers and tried to imagine them all doing pilates. Anyway, Cirque is located in the middle of a huge park outside of town here and there is a massive parking lot way far away that they cram everybody into. But not us! As we were rolling in an attendant looked in the window and saw Preggers in the car looking all huge and told us to put on our blinkers and tell the next attendant we were "special needs". We were escorted to a special lot steps away from the big tent and even closer than the Handycapable parking spots!! Good thing too. I think Preggers may have tinkled on her shoes if she had to do that long walk after 30 minutes in the car!

Her is a clip of Cirque du Soleil's Cortico.

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