Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunny Saturday Events

Saturday was not only the nicest day Seattle has seen for 9 months, it was also a day full of events. Preggers had a bunch of her girlfriends over for a baby shower. From what I hear they did all kinds of girlie things. The main focus of the event was tie-dying. Lots of brightly colored, gender neutral onsies in our future!
Preggers got lots of sun! Bringing out a bunch of new freckles! I love them!

On top of all the cool clothes we got some great gifts too! Thank you all!

Looks like fun, ladies!

Meanwhile I spent the afternoon out my dad enjoying a little of the glorious sun. Then I met up with a couple of the guys who got me good and drunk at the M's game.
I think Safeco field is one of the coolest places on earth. VRT secured us Terrace Club seats from a scalper at almost half price. I've never been up in those fancy seats before. Pretty sweet. Hard liquor, waiter service, leather seats, air conditioned bar, private bathroom. Fricking high life right!? We were easily the drunkest ones there. We didn't seem to bother anyone too much though. At least on this occasion we were well behaved drunks. Oh yeah, and the Mariners won too. It was a great game.

Plus any day that includes garlic fries is a good day.

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