Saturday, June 28, 2008

14 Days

Junie is two weeks old today!
They grow up so fast...

We ran Junie's birthday through a free automatic natal chart generator the other day. I don't know anything about this kind of stuff but this is what it spit out.
It interpreted it this way:


These newborns will be extremely hard workers, especially if they get to do their own thing. These little ones will be creative and will need to work in professions that are unusual. They will find work boring if they are not able to follow the direction of their choice. These newborns will be their own worst enemies if they allow their escapist tendencies to stand in the way of attaining their goals.

Like their symbol the Fish, these little ones will be able to swim both ways. At times they will be in a financial mess due to careless and overly generous tendencies, and at other times they will be so thrifty that they will appear miserly. In general, these babies will have good ideas about money management but they will have trouble applying them. But don't worry: These little ones will also have the sort of luck that helps them to land on their feet.

These babies will fit into any occupation, but because of their ability to help others, they will be best suited to humane or spiritual professions. These little ones will do well in the arts and entertainment, in marine biology, or any unique position.


These newborns will be emotional, sensitive and domestic. These little ones will have highly developed protective and defensive instincts. They will fear ridicule; however, they will hide their shyness and emotional vulnerability. These little tykes will be complex individuals with mood swings that directly fluctuate in accordance with the Moon's position. These newborns will be very diplomatic, and their memory is acute. They will be refined, and will seldom joke about themselves or about others. They will master the art of passive resistance and this can make them difficult to approach.

These newborns will deal with others in a warm, attentive and caring way. They will tend to be overprotective, clinging and melancholy if others don't do as they wish. These little ones will be exceptionally receptive to those they care about and distant towards those they don't know well.

These little ones will dislike competition, but when faced with it they will be relentless and thorough in their approach. These little tykes will prefer intellectual competition to physical competition.


These newborns will want their partners to be a loyal friends, but they will never accept their criticism. They will tend to attract weak partners. These little ones will not be easy to figure out, and they will have a tendency to turn on and off without warning.

These little ones will want to keep busy and they will take life seriously. They will also take very good care of themselves. They will dress with taste. They will be neat, clean, and somewhat formal.


These newborns will add small but important touches of detail to their home. It will be of extreme importance that they have an immaculate environment. These little ones' furniture will have to be practical and of good quality. They won't need a lot of space, because the larger the space, the harder it will be to keep it up to their standards of cleanliness. These little ones will be unlikely to invite many people to visit, as their home will be their private haven -- the place where they can be alone and focus on their concerns.

These little ones will do whatever is necessary to take care of family responsibilities, but they won't make affectionate displays. They will strive to be the best that can, and they will expect the same efforts to be made by those they love. It will not be easy for others to live up to their expectations.

Anybody out there know anything about this kind of stuff? Does this ring true or would you interpret it differently? What does the chart actually mean?

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