Thursday, June 5, 2008

Due Date

Today is the due date.

Looks like a couple of people jumped the gun, date-wise, in the pool.

"Monkey Ankles" Allen, Boy, 6/5, 12:00 PM, 8lb 4oz
Melissa, Boy, 6/4, 6:16 AM, 9lb 8oz (OMG!!!)
Planet Boy, 6/4, 9:54 PM, 8lb 2oz
ABG, Girl, 5/27, 6:06 AM, 7lbs 1oz
Max, Girl, 5/21, 9:30 AM, 6lb 4oz
Brand New Dad, Boy, 5/20, 4:20 PM, 8lb 8oz

But don't fret you may still win through our slightly complicated points system!

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