Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally! Sweet, sweet slumber!


sloane's mama said...

ha ha! I love that The Happiest Baby on the Block can be seen on the bedside table. :)

Seems like you are a natural and this dad business!

katie/ said...

Yes, darling baby and papa sleeping. Love it--these are the days. I could not comment on the 14 days post for some reason..funny story to share with you (funny now, maybe not one day). Olivia was due August 25th and in true Mama & Olivia fashion--she was BORN on August 25th (anal types that we are!) This birthdate was much to the dismay of the proud papa, however. Our friends had a book about birthdates and we'd looked up August 25th when we were told by the doc that was the due date. According to the book, babies born on August 25th are slated to grow up to be "sexually promiscuous to the point of disease." YIKES...k