Saturday, June 21, 2008

Settling in

Junebug is settling in nicely these days and life is sorting out its new rhythms. We are beginning to understand more clearly her sleep cycles and are beginning to take small steps to actively encourage her to shift from a nocturnal schedule to being more active in the day time. For two days in a row we have had wonderful family mornings where we all wake up gradually and spend some active and alert time together in the bed. Jupe is active and alert and wonderfully cute in these moments! (Although in truth, she is always actively cute!)

Even the cats are coming to accept her .

We have been getting a ton of wonderful responses to our email announcements of Junie's arrival. I want to thank you all again. Your support and blessings have really made us feel loved and cherished. It is so wonderful to know that Juniper has so many adoring fans and loved ones! For those of you that many be new, welcome to Don't Eat The Baby! Don't be shy about comments or letting me know what you want to see more or less of. This blog started about me but over the past few weeks I has really transitioned into being about Junebug, Junebug and you all. So please, interact. Join the fun. And come back often!

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