Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Appointment

Today we went to the midwife's office for a post-due-date check up.

Here is where "we" are at.
  • 1.5cm dilated
  • 75%+ effaced
  • cervix is "very ripe, very thin"
  • baby's head is at -1 position
  • heart rate is still strong and there is plenty of fluid in there, so the baby is safe

  • In short, we are ready, very ready. Preggers has been feeling contractions for days now but they just aren't progressing and labor hasn't started.

    In order to get things moving, the midwife stripped Pregger's membranes. This is where the the midwife runs her finger along the inside of the cervix, separating the membranes of the uterine sack from the cervix. Not fun. Pregger's wasn't a fan of this and was very uncomfortable. It was a real education for me to see her in pain and get a feeling for what my reaction would be. No matter how I prepare myself I know it will be hard to see her in pain.

    But at this point that baby just needs to come out!!!

    The midwife also talked to us today about where we go from here. We need to be thinking about the possibility that labor may need to be induced. This can be a little discouraging. I know that Preggers would really prefer for labor to start on its own. So we are doing everything we can to get this rolling - teas, walks, spicy food, etc.

    Like 'lil Bear said, "Come out, Baby! Come out!"

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