Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend update

First the real news - no baby yet.

Overall this was a really good weekend. Preggers and I have really been bonding lately over the impending babytude as well as various family issues (both constructive and complex).

This weekend we went over Grandpa Max's house for dinner with him and M.. It was a hoot and we had a great time talking and eating, drinking (no, not Preggers, I drank for the three of us) and doing what families do.

Saturday Preggers went out with a couple of her girlfriends in the afternoon. They got pedicures and went to see Sex and The City. From her reports they had a good time although the lady who gave her the pedicure wasn't very versed in the types of questions you ask a 9 month pregnant woman. (Hint - "how much weight have you gained" shouldn't be on that list). And the movie, while cheesy, was fun.

While she was doing that, I found myself doing a little babysitting. Me and Vic, Planet, and Esquire looked after the girls while the ladies were out doing their thing. It was fun. We knocked back a couple of Harvey Wallbangers, played some Frisbee, and chilled out while the girls took a nap.
After nap time we shared some Shirley Wallbangers (oj +ice! Yum!) and entertained the girls while we got dinner ready. Planet gave some art lessons to 'Rina -
while Vic just cuddled with lil'Bear.

For dinner we grilled up some awesome northwest seafood, including this beautiful piece of wild king salmon:

The girls couldn't get enough of that fish! Especially lil'Bear. I think she ate more than I did!
When the ladies showed up after their evening on the town, they were met by two little girls who were totally into Pregger's belly! She had to explain to them that the baby was in there but they couldn't see it until it came out. 'Rina, knowing where babies come from tried to look up Pregger's skirt but lil'Bear just yelled "Come out Baby, come out!"
I couldn't agree more. Come out baby! Come out!

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