Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Preggers and Jupe are sleeping right now. The cats are fed and I am eating leftovers that Pregger's sister left in our fridge from when she went out to get breakfast at 6:30am on Saturday.

I can't even begin to find words to describe what has happened in the last three days. The ups. The downs. The sheer freaked out bliss.

Maybe this is worth a few thousand.

These were taken on Saturday and Sunday. Sorry about the delay. Many more to follow.


Lauren said...

beautiful photos! the second one, of mommy and juniper, is just gorgeous. congratulations anthony. she's such a beautiful baby!!

LIndy&Beryl said...

What a beauty! We've been worried about you all as we haven't heard anything in a few days...Wow, Katie - I guess all of that preparation with pilates and yoga really was needed! It sounds as if you all have a little one with a mind of her own!Hope all is going a little more smoothly now.