Sunday, December 14, 2008


No. Not that crash.

After vowing to update more often, I have encountered another set back. Our computer seems to have died. We have a back up machine that will let us check our email and Perez Hilton and stuff but it simply can't handle the photos and video. It is too bad too. I took some video tonight of Junie eating her first solid food that will make you plotz.

Anyway. I guess 2008 is still teaching us to be patient. (Isn't this freaking year over yet??!!!)

Happy half-birthday, Junie. We love you.

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Richard Max Detrano said...

Hi Crash,
Hurry up and get back online.
We bloggers need to stick together.
I am looking forward to more pictures of my Granddaughter! It was great hanging out with you guys last weekend.