Sunday, March 1, 2009


Junie came down with her first cold last week. I think we got off pretty easy. After all, she is already 8 months old and this is her very first time being sick! Mom must have some super antibodies in that boob-juice. Junie handled it all pretty well. It was little more than sniffles and a cough really, but as first time parents we were on red alert. It kept her up a few nights (a little more than usual) and made her pretty fussy but overall she handled it all without too much trouble. I'm sure that in her mind just about the worst part was having Mom and Dad wipe her nose all the time. But even that was better than the dreaded nasal aspirator. This is a suction bulb with a pointed tip that you stick up baby's nose to suck out the snot. Junie saw it as some nefarious form of medieval baby torture. Holding her down while Mama sucked out her nasal passages was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. But it was better than leaving her to look like this all the time.

I guess some of that is food but you get the point.

Oh, btw, Junie learned to crawl last weekend! I am currently working on some video footage to show off her new skills so stay tuned! 

And an extra special shout out to our friend Lauren who looked after The Bug last weekend so Mama and Papa could get a few hours out of the house together. It was a much needed mini-vacation! Thanks Lauren!

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Lauren said...

Anytime :)

Love that snotty little face!