Monday, April 6, 2009


Spring is finally here in Seattle and although neither Mom nor Dad were really feeling their best this weekend that was no excuse for not getting out and enjoying a little of the sun before it disappeared until June.

Saturday we braved the hoards and went up to the Woodland Park Zoo. Amazingly it only took us an hour to find parking! Once we were inside though we had a great time. We've taken Junie to the zoo before (we bought a pass so it will be a regular destination) for story-time in the Zoomazium kid's center, but this was our first excursion through the zoo proper. It was great fun and all the animals were out enjoying the sun too, so that was a big plus! We got great views of the tigers, the grizzly bears, the elephants, and many other animals. To be honest, I think Junie was more interested in watching the other kids most of the time but she did seem to be having a great time and was definitely impressed with all there was to take-in!

After the zoo, we all went home for a little lunch and a much needed afternoon nap. When we woke up there was still a little time before dinner so Papa suggested we all go down to the ice-cream parlor for a cone before dinner. What decadence! It was nearly as packed as the zoo! Mama got espresso chip and Papa got cookies and cream. I couldn't resist putting a little on my finger and giving The Bug a little taste. In seconds she was eagerly lapping at that cone like she had been doing it her whole life! We rushed back to the car to get the camera and document Junie's first ice-cream cone!

We then went home and played on the living room floor for another hour, laughing as she bounced off the walls and furniture in her sugar-fueled frenzy. It was more fun than I've had in ages and one of those evenings I'll remember for the rest of my life.

The next day we went to the farmer's market (a highlight of any sunny Sunday). The Bug fell asleep in the car on the way home and rather than wake her up we decided to take a leisurely Sunday drive. We gassed up the car and headed east toward Lake Washington, admiring the amazing views of the mountains in all directions. We explored a couple of NE Seattle neighborhoods that we rarely or never venture over to and popped into a couple of open houses since playing looky-loo is always fun. Meanwhile, The Bug had an epic nap and wokeup in great spirits. That evening we met some friends for a little outdoor grilling and some amazing fish tacos al fresco! Halibut is just coming into season here and the fish was fantastic! The company was good too and Junie loved getting out to see all of her friends!

All in all I would have to say this was a great spring weekend!

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ABG said...

It is GREAT to hear you guys having such a leisurely fun weekend. I just love your blog. I recently got to take Hannah (17 mos and all of 18 lbs) for her first ice cream and it was a total joy. Can't wait 'til she gets to play with The Bug!! You all are welcome here anytime!