Sunday, June 7, 2009

Books and Words

Junebug loves to read. Books are one of her favorite toys. She will often take a book off her shelf and sit and flip through the pages. But best of all, she loves to sit on your lap and be read too. She helps turn the pages and has a few books that she loves hearing over and over. She doesn't always sit still, or wait for the story to be over before picking the next book but still, reading is one of her favorite activities!

Maybe I'm biased, but I think she is a brilliant little girl. For someone who hasn't even been alive a year, she has a huge vocabulary and isn't shy about expressing herself. In the clip above she says "Daddy". How one simple word can bring me to my knees so easily I'll never fully understand. And did you catch her shaking her head "no" when she decided that she was done with that book and ready to move on? So far she has a firm grasp on "hi', "kitty/Titi" - pronounced tee-tee (the name of one of our cats, this also seems to apply to dogs too so...), "Mama", "Daddy", "up", and "apple" (a two sylable word!). On top of that she can shake her head no and yes (although I've never seen her do "yes", the babysitter says she can so I'll take her word for it) and she can sign "more" and "finished".

Here is another short video of Mama reading from one of her "word books". It was shot about a month ago and her grasp of the two words - kitty and apple - has gotten even stronger.

p.s. Mama hates that I always take her picture in the morning. Is it my fault that they are so cute together?


Richard Max Detrano said...

Juniper is last of the Book People!
Really nice seeing you at lunch today. You look terrific.
You have a lovely family there.
See you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

juniper rose is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen or known. She has stole my heart from the very beginning and will continue to do so until my dying day. I am so grateful to be her grammy and to be able to watch her explore, learn and grow. Katie and Anthony "hats off" to you for doing such an awesome job of parenting. I love you all. Grammy

Anonymous said...

katie girl have an awesome birthday day. Be good to yourself and surround yourself with love. i send all my love and more to you. Thank you for clearing my eyes.